DIY Vintage Feather Christmas Tree

I love Christmas bushes of any type. I additionally love everything vintage. So once I saw those adorable little timber on Instagram, I knew I needed to attempt one too!

diy vintage feather christmas tree
diy vintage feather christmas tree

Here’s what I used to make mine:

Garland ties (Dollar Tree)
3/8" Dowel Rod (WalMart) – cut to 12"
Scrap block of timber – reduce to 3" x 3"
Floral Tape (WalMart)
Drill and three/eight" Drill Bit
Wood Glue
Wire Cutters

I also used our chop saw to cut the wood and a scrap piece of sand paper to clean the cut edges of my dowel rod and timber block.… Read the rest “DIY Vintage Feather Christmas Tree”