Tomato Cage Christmas Gnomes!

I love Gnomes and this changed into so smooth to do!

All you want for every gnome is a tomato cage, branches from a Christmas tree, a pair of toddler mittens, a couple of small leggings or sweater for the hat, a potato for the nostril, a coat hanger to make the cease of the hat droopy, a few cord to attach the nose and mittens, about 12 zip ties to connect the branches, a chunk of string or ribbon to tie the stop of the hat close and metal stakes or bricks so it won’t topple inside the wind. You’ll want to collect your pruning shears and a twine cutter.

tomato cage christmas gnomes
tomato cage christmas gnomes

The toughest element become figuring out wherein to get tomato cages in the winter. If you have a few within the garage you’re a step beforehand of the sport. I did find them at my local Menards within the snowy lawn center for ninety five cents.

Turn the tomato cage upside down with the prongs up.

tomato cage christmas gnomes
tomato cage christmas gnomes

I had timber in my yard so it became clean sufficient to reduce a few brief lengths of them. But you can additionally reduce the lower branches from your Christmas tree or pick a few up at a nearby tree farm.

tomato cage christmas gnomes
tomato cage christmas gnomes

Attach the branches to the tomato cage with stick become and the greenery down using zip ties.
GAMBAR3 Slip the waistband of the leggings over the top with one leg tucked and hidden in itself in again. The different leg may be the long part of the hat. (You can use a sweater if that’s what you’ve got however it’ll need to be pinned in again for the reason that it is bulkier.)

Bend a cord coat hanger and slide it into the leg then hook it into the pinnacle of the accrued branches. You can then make your hat droopy or upright through bending the hanger this is within the leg. I tied the end close with a piece of string.
We discovered the small purple mittens on the Dollar Tree, I love cheap!
Thread a chunk of cord via the again of each mitten then pull the mitten onto a few branches to slightly puff it up and twist the twine on a department to keep it in area.
Poke a few wire thru the potato then connect it to the tomato cage frame. Pull the hat down so the gnome nose peeks out a little bit beneath the hat.
Kinda gnarly looking I assume lol.
Here it is and I assume it’ll look remarkable outside!

If you live in an area that receives robust winter winds use some floor stakes or bricks to keep down the tomato cage.

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