Large Globe Light Fixture

A friend noticed my rustic kitchen light fixture and requested if I ought to adapt it to apply those big Ikea globes she just had to have. I said YES! Here’s the process.

large globe light fixture
large globe light fixture

My buddy Emily had simply built a huge eating desk from barn wooden off a farm that had been in her husband’s circle of relatives for years. She wanted a long light fixture to go with the seventy two" desk. I settled on a sixty four" box/frame like a previous fixture, but used all new timber this time. The lamp face (Bottom?) is sixty four" long and 10 1/2" extensive (the width of 3 1x4s). The facets are reduce 1 half" shorter to make up for the thickness of the ends (2 x 3/4" ea). I opted for pocket screws on the interior for the body. These seven portions at the side of their scraps will make up the wood segment of the fixture.

large globe light fixture
large globe light fixture

I built the frame first, and then coated up the 1×4 forums for the lamp face. Make positive you recognize which aspect of the board you need out vs in. Here you can see I’m using scraps from the 1x4s to tie the boards together. A clamp or holds it all together even as I installed No 6 x 1 1/four drywall screws.

large globe light fixture
large globe light fixture

Once the two pieces are built I stained with Minwax Espresso (my personal fave). I use an vintage sock interior out and pass one coat, ensuring my strokes go the full length of the boards as I practice the stain.
GAMBAR3 Earlier we had placed the globes on Emily’s table to look how large they would appearance in the room, and decided on placing an inch between them. I measured the four globes (11 half of" – they are massive!). This math was more difficult than it seemed. Next time I’ll make a cardboard template for the spacing, and surely land it within the center of the fixture. FYI that is a 37 1/2" span, however you could do anything you want or suppose appears top etc.
I drilled 1/four" pilot holes in the lamp face, after which the usage of a hand reamer, slowly unfolded the holes until my wire grips might move in tightly. These are remarkable popular round business power, I decided to borrow the techonology for domestic use. (NOTE: The IKEA lamp cords did not include included wire grips so I bought an collection container from Amazon to make sure I’d get a few that could work.) The threads certainly gripped the pine fairly nicely, but I subsidized them out and introduced a few super glue gel afterwards simply in case. Here you may see one wire grip mounted.
Flipping the lamp face (bottom) over I attached a 4×4 electrical field with NM cable clamps in three knockouts. I used a couple of spare No 10 x1/2" sheet steel screws. Another one of those matters accessible to have around. Buy a box of a hundred, due to the fact you may never realize while you may need them.

The pendant light cords from Ikea have been matched to Emily’s globes. I reduce off the plugs and inserted the cables thru the bottom side of the lamp face. On the again aspect I introduced a 1/4" washer and twine ties end-to-end for strain relief. Remember to trim them with a box cutter now not facet slicing pliers for more secure edges/ends.

NOTE: The globe peak remains adjustable with the cord grips supplying the adjustment factor
I brought in two pendant cords every facet, and one of the plugs previously reduce off. I used yellow cord nuts to tie the 5 black and five white wires collectively. I determined polarity markings the complete time. If this sounds horrifying, take time to research it, or discover a pal that knows a few electrical. I swear it’s now not too hard or I would not put up it right here.

Note: I removed the prevailing fixture at Emily’s residence and hooked up a ceiling outlet, similar to I did in my very own kitchen. Check nearby codes to look if this is feasible in your place. Again, ask an electrical pal if you need to. (The biggest protection issues for the ceiling outlet are min 6′ from any water supply, and bonding. Your locale can be exclusive)

Install the lamp face onto the frame. I used some cupboard screws for appearance. Take a while to ensure the frame and lamp face are rectangular/coated up. I marked every piece on one corner with some overlaying tape so later I might recognise how it went collectively. PRE-DRILL YOUR HOLES!
This is a superb time to check your electrical. Put a bulb in each socket. Plug into an outlet strip so you have an clean switch to control it. When it all works make sure and placed a 4×4 cover to your electric field.

All assembled and equipped to move to Emily’s house!
We measured and measured to get the placement right. You can see we used a stud finder and observed each ceiling joist. I took the lamp face off and mounted more than one brackets in which they could line up with the joists, and now have the end of the frame positioned over the table. I mounted those L brackets down about 1/four underneath the top edge of the frame the usage of the supplied screws in order that they would make certain and draw up firmly in opposition to the ceiling. This component takes people for positive. Fortuitously it is now not heavy. Four ea No eight x2" drywall screws up into the joists make the entirety comfy

Here’s Emily installing the ultimate screw to maintain the frame to the ceiling. I wanted her to have a few pride within the installation as well as the concept
With Emily holding the other result in region, I re-connected the lamp face to the body the use of the same screws as before. Make positive you’ve got the face and body covered up like earlier than so your screws and holes suit.
Here’s the finished fixture with globes attached. Hopefully the cords will straighten with time. Just ten days later they look better.

Holler if you have any questions, and please comment if you have an idea to be able to make this better/simpler for a person else.

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