How to Create a Dark Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about our home office makeover. The essential characteristic of the makeover was the dark vertical shiplap wall in the back of the desk. Since posting that article, we’ve heard from a variety of human beings looking to recognize the information about how I did it. So, in this article, I’m going to reveal you ways.

how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall
how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall

Here’s what you’ll want:

Determine How a good deal Shiplap is Needed

The first component I did turned into decide how plenty material I needed. I did this by way of doing a difficult estimate of the wall location: width x peak. Since part of my wall is angled due to the slope within the ceiling, I degree the highest component. That manner, I knew I would have enough.

When we constructed our house, shiplap turned into tough to discover. But now, you may locate it at quite plenty any local home improvement save. I found mine at Home Depot. It’s four inches extensive and already primed.

Paint the Shiplap

It’s nice to paint shiplap earlier than setting it up, at least the groove a part of the board. I found out this the difficult way when constructing. Since we weren’t using a sprayer to paint our walls, it changed into not possible to get the paint inside the grooves with a curler and brush. So I ended up buying a reasonably-priced sprayer to color the grooves. Lesson discovered.

I had some assist from Brooke in this undertaking. First, she used a broom to color the groove part of the boards.

how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall
how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall

Then she used a foam curler to color the relaxation. If you’ve never used one, they may be fantastic for clean finishes on trim, doorways, and of path shiplap. Rolling after you operate the comb gets rid of any brush marks inside the finish.

how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall
how to create a dark vertical shiplap accent wall

Find and Mark Your Studs

Running the shiplap vertically does present a few challenges. Since the studs also run vertically, you’re handiest capable of nail many of the boards to real studs. But you could nail to the very top and bottom of the wall, and thankfully our framer put horizontal braces among the studs half way up the wall. This supposed I could nail to the top, backside, and middle. And the portions that passed off to overlap the studs can be nailed anywhere on the board.

So I used the stud finder to discover and mark the studs as well as the horizontal braces. I marked the studs at the baseboard considering that any mark at the wall would be blanketed.
GAMBAR3 Determine Horizontal Coverage

Another undertaking of jogging the shiplap vertically, is having to cut a piece duration clever to fill within the remaining space. You probably want to keep away from doing this until you have a desk saw. Thankfully, I was very lucky here.

The width of my wall worked out so I may want to use complete portions all of the way across. But nine instances out of 10 this could no longer be the case. If you’re no longer so lucky, no need to worry. You can cowl any gaps between the shiplap and the wall with a chunk of one×2″ trim around the rims and paint it the same coloration of the shiplap.

Measure, Cut and Nail

Now that every one of the calculating changed into performed, it turned into time to begin slicing and nailing. Since I turned into going to so one can use full width pieces all of the manner throughout, I commenced on the far left. Otherwise, you can need to start within the center and work your way out on each facet. That way you will have the equal width piece at the left and proper when you are finished.

I took one piece at a time, measuring from the pinnacle of the baseboard to the ceiling. Since part of my ceiling is angled, I had to reduce maximum of my portions at the pinnacle on an angle. To get the attitude, I took the pitch of my roof, which I knew became 10/12 and converted it to an perspective. If you don’t have this kind of sloping ceiling, you don’t should fear approximately slicing your forums on an attitude, and your process can be a whole lot less complicated.
To nail the boards up, I used a brad nailer. Brad nails are smaller than finish nails, however for this sort of assignment, you don’t need lots of retaining electricity from your nails. Where I ought to, I nailed into the tongue of every board. Since the tongue is covered by means of the following piece, this supposed much less hollow filling at the end. Oh, and please overlook the noticed dust in my hair.
I repeated this for every board until the wall became covered.
Finishing Touches

Once I nailed up the ultimate piece, I filled all of the nail holes with spackling and did all the paint touchups. And that’s it! You can see greater photographs of the shiplap wall in domestic workplace makeover article.
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