Easy DIY Blanket Ladder

easy diy blanket ladder
easy diy blanket ladder

When I first attempted building a wooden blanket ladder I loosely observed a few thoughts I determined on Pinterest… It became out alternatively brief and squat. It was a five-foot ladder that had 4 steps (or rungs, if you choose) that have been 18 inches extensive. It became simply no longer tall, painted white, and good-looking like I desired.
The ladder I ultimately built and fell in love with, and the one we can be building here is modeled after, is 6 toes tall with five steps that are 16 inches huge, and approximately 1 foot apart. (would not that sound sexy?)
I’m no engineer however I suppose that works out perfectly while you may buy lumber in 6 and 8-foot lengths. Eight feet will get you 6 sixteen inch steps. In my case, it become almost 6 due to the fact I got one of the cuts off a little bit. (don’t be embarrassed if it happens to you… It takes place to everyone in some unspecified time in the future!)
Here are a few beneficial pointers at the substances and equipment list. I could say pro hints, but I’m no pro and these are simply things I learned by way of building numerous of these and figuring it out for myself:

What you’re going to want to get began.

easy diy blanket ladder
easy diy blanket ladder



Safety Equipment:

Taking the Edge Off
We’ll begin with sanding. If you took my recommendation and acquired excellent excellent wooden, and have been inclined to spend the time sorting thru the stack to discover straight, clean pieces, you might not want to spend as a lot time in this as in case you went the reasonably-priced direction.
I used one hundred fifty grit sandpaper to take the edge off, however you may follow that up with 300 grit in case you’re actually feeling bold and want a smoother finish. You’ll best need to sand all of the aspects of every piece of timber, but only one stop of every of the 6-foot lengths. Everything else may be protected.
Make sure you’re taking off any edges or spots that would capture on a blanket or cover, particularly at the corners or round any knots.
Once you have got the entirety sanded all first-rate and smooth, it’s time to begin sawing.

There is a lot of information inside the saying "measure twice; reduce once". Many a chunk of wood has been stored from the scrap pile through going back and checking again. But for this reduce, we’re going to degree as soon as (good enough, measure it two times just to make sure) and cut five instances.

Baby Steps
We’re going to cut our eight-foot board all the way down to make the steps for our ladder. We handiest want 5, but in case you cut simply proper you’ll be capable of get 6. If you narrow like I do, you may get five (that’s great).
Using your ruler/tape measure, make a mark 16 inches from the stop of the eight-foot board. (Don’t try reducing sixteen inches from the center, it may not paintings.) Then the use of your accessible-dandy noticed, reduce at that mark.

Again, you do not need a power noticed, but it’s going to make the work move a lot less difficult.
You can both measure off any other sixteen inches, or you could use step one which you cut and measure the use of that as a guide.

easy diy blanket ladder
easy diy blanket ladder

Keep in thoughts that in case your steps aren’t pretty darn close to the same length you could need to line them all up and make a cut through them so they may be all the identical.Cutting the Feet
When the ladder leans against the wall, you need it to be as stable as viable and additionally look as best as viable. One of the most dramatic enhancements is to make the ft sit flat on the ground. A 10-degree perspective on the lowest of each of the facet boards works out just about flawlessly.
As with the stairs, it’s pretty easy to line those forums up, perhaps use a couple of clamps to hold the forums together, and make one reduce through each forums immediately. That way they each have the equal angle. Oh! And we’re cutting them with the perspective on the wider (2") aspect.
Now take that greater step that you have left over (or part of a step or a chunk of scrap 1×2) and reduce approximately a 6-inch duration with that identical 10-degree angle on one quit. Save this for later.
And that’s it for the noticed!
Not permit’s break out the drill.

In order for the DIY blanket ladder to look exquisite and nevertheless be useful, you need to space out the stairs a touch in another way than a ordinary ladder would be. On a 6 foot ladder, the measurements ought to (can… You do what you need) be completed at 18, 30, 42, 54 and 66 inches. That will leave you with approximately 6 inches at the pinnacle. Start the first one at 18 inches so that your blanket (or quilts or towels or something you are displaying) can be kept up off the floor a piece.
If you’re measuring from the top, you’ll use 6, 18, 30, forty two and fifty four to measure down. That’s what I did. It’s simply how I roll.
No count number the way you degree for the holes, make certain which you additionally get inside the middle of the boards, which at the long side of a 1×2 can be .Seventy five". Cuz it is honestly a .75×1.Five. Lumber is stupid. And a liar.
Now the use of a drill bit the same size as your screws, drill holes in each of the marks. I used a drill press, however you could use a normal drill in case you maintain it definitely instantly.
Helpful tip… In case you’ve been waiting for an excuse to buy a drill press, this just might be it.
Step Prep
This little step will make it so much less difficult whilst it is time to connect your little steps. (I love wordplay)
Using a punch/nail/screw/other pointy object, make an indentation in the center of each stop of every of your steps. Make it substantial enough that it will likely be pretty smooth to tell where it’s far while you can’t see it. We’ll use that after it is time to put all of it collectively.
Getting the stairs lined up and immediately may be a piece complicated… It is really easy to get them off a piece on each aspect and become with a ladder that has crooked steps or, even worse, a ladder that does not stand directly whilst it is leaning against the wall.
Fortunately, we’ve got already carried out the magic step in an effort to help make certain we get this element right.
Leaning your aspect forums up in opposition to a wall (or workbench as I’ve achieved), placed a wood screw in each aspect board till simply the very tip is sticking out. Then put a piece of wooden glue on every cease of one of the steps.
Remember while we punched a hole in each of the stairs? Well, now you’re going to use those indentations to make certain that the screws line up with the middle of every step; proper in which you put that indentation.
When you get them lined up, tighten the screws down until they are in only sufficient to keep the wooden in place but do not tighten them up but.

A New Angle on Things
Remember while we reduce that 10-diploma attitude on the greater step/piece of scrap wooden? Break it out; it’s time to use it!
Holding that piece flush with the aspect, line up the doorstep so that it sits flush in opposition to that piece. Hold the step in region and tighten the screws till they sink just a titch into the aspect board, just sufficient to be out of the way.
Make certain the perspective of the step fits the attitude of the ladder! You want the skinny (1x) aspect of the board to be parallel with the ground.
Repeat for the remaining 4 steps.
Finishing Touches
Now that your smooth DIY blanket ladder really looks as if a ladder, it is time to put the finishing touches on. And with the aid of completing I suggest stain or paint.
You can use some thing your favourite DIY technique can be… Quite much some thing will look excellent on this ladder! For the only you’re seeing right here, I used Varathane stain to get an excellent base shade, then observed it up with Behr "Bit O’ Sugar" made into chalk paint (I show you a way to make chalk paint right here).
When the paint is set, distress that domestic dog through taking a bit of the white off in spots the usage of a hundred and fifty grit sandpaper; just sufficient to let that quite stain shade peek through. Then seal it with some Rustoleum Chalked Protective Topcoat for that greater layer of protection and finish.
Get a Grip
This component isn’t always mandatory, however you’ll certainly appreciate having it finished.
The final step is to connect something to the lowest of the ladder to hold it from sliding down the wall and across the ground if you have it loaded with your preferred decor.
All you want to do is get a few type of non-slip fabric, reduce it to length and attach it to the lowest of every aspect board.
I used SoftTouch Self-Stick Non-Slip Surface Grip Pads, however you could use whatever non-slip that you could firmly attach to the ladder.
Lean that doggy in opposition to a wall and throw some blankets on it!

Easy DIY Blanket Ladder Reveal
If the whole lot has long past according to plan, and your cuts had been positive and straight, you currently have a lovely, smooth DIY blanket ladder that you can proudly show in your property. It’s even higher in case you placed a few blankets or quilts or other quite gentle stuff on. Use these for yourself, or make a gaggle in your friends and own family. Or make some to promote on the Farmer’s Market you way-too-hastily agreed to be at!
If you’re taking the plunge and make a wood blanket ladder of your personal, shoot me a photo. I’d love to see the way it seems!

Happy Building!


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